Why We Recommend Regular Duct Cleaning

September 11th, 2023

Do you have ductwork in your home? You probably do. This system became common in the early 1970s, when new homes started to be built to accommodate central air conditioning. So if you do have ductwork, it could have been there for decades! Even if it’s much newer than that, it can be a little mysterious. What’s inside there? Most parts of our homes are accessible enough that we can clean them ourselves. But that’s not the case with ductwork. This job requires a professional.

What’s going on in your ductwork doesn’t have to be a mystery any longer! With regular duct cleaning, there’s no need to wonder or worry.

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Tips to Ease Late Summer Stress on Your AC

August 28th, 2023

Autumn is approaching, but right now it’s still very hot, and your air conditioner has been working hard to keep you comfortable these last few months. The last thing you want right now is a major AC repair or a breakdown leaving you stranded in the heat while you wait for a technician. How can you keep your AC unit running smoothly for the rest of the summer? Here are some tips for limiting stress on your air conditioner.

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This Is One of the Most Common AC Problems

August 14th, 2023

While it’s possible to encounter a truly odd air conditioner issue—a nest of snakes in the outdoor unit, perhaps!—in general, AC technicians see the same handful of problems over and over. As a homeowner, if you can spot these problems when they start, you can get repairs sooner and avoid the major complications that occur when air conditioners are forced to run even though they’re struggling. One common symptom of serious AC problems that you should keep an eye (or ear) out for is short cycling. Here’s what you need to know.

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Why Won’t My AC Evenly Cool the House?

July 17th, 2023

Summer in Arizona! It’s pretty incredible out there, isn’t it? Make sure you drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen, and if you start to overheat, get back indoors where you have a reliable air conditioner.

But wait—what’s that you say? Your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home evenly? If you have hot spots in your home that your AC unit can’t seem to cool, or some rooms stay much warmer than others, we’ve got solutions for you.

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Cut Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

July 3rd, 2023

The cost of running your air conditioner all summer really adds up. But in our area, you can’t really do without it. If you can’t just stop using the AC, what can you do? Here are some tips on how to lower your electric bills by using your air conditioner as efficiently as possible this summer.

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Signs of a Scary Sewer Gas Problem

June 19th, 2023

Everything you flush down the toilet should be gone forever. And it’s easy enough for your sewage system to deal with liquids and solids—as long as you’re not flushing anything you shouldn’t be. But what about gases? Your plumbing has some design features specifically for trapping and safely venting sewer gases, but if something goes wrong, you need a plumber right away. Sewer gas is extremely toxic, so if you have any concerns about it whatsoever, you should treat it like what it is: a major health risk.

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What to Expect When You Schedule AC Repair

June 5th, 2023

Of course, it would be wonderful if appliances always operated smoothly and nothing ever went wrong. But complex systems like air conditioners have many components that can encounter problems, and even the best air conditioner will occasionally need repairs. When that does happen, make sure to get repairs done promptly, so the problem doesn’t worsen.

If you’re not sure what to expect when a technician comes to repair your AC unit, you’ll be better prepared once you’ve read this.

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Slab Leaks 101: Causes, Detection, and Repair

May 22nd, 2023

It may seem like the concrete slab or basement floor is the absolute bottom level of your home. But did you know that both hot and cold water pipes run under there? You can’t see them, but when they leak, they can cause major problems for you and your home. These slab leaks have a variety of causes, and they can be hard to spot, so here’s our guide on what to look for, and what to do if you suspect a slab leak.

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Catch AC Problems Early and Keep Repairs Small

May 8th, 2023

It can be tempting to postpone all kinds of things that might be inconvenient or costly. When you suspect that something is wrong with your air conditioner, and you don’t know just how bad it is or how much it will cost to have it repaired, you might try to push it out of your mind and hope for the best.

But that’s the last thing you should do. Delaying air conditioner repairs can be catastrophic. Prompt repair can resolve a small issue before it becomes a big problem. Here are some examples to encourage you to take quick action and avoid AC disasters.

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Lasting Benefits of AC Maintenance

April 24th, 2023

Springtime in Arizona is truly gorgeous. But don’t get so caught up in the beautiful weather that you forget what’s coming next. When summer hits, you need to be ready for it, which means that your air conditioner needs to be ready for months of hard work. How can you be sure that you’ll have consistent, effective air conditioning all summer? By scheduling AC maintenance now.

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