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Tucson, AZ Charger Whole Home Water Filtration

The quality of your home’s water directly affects your overall comfort. This is why it’s imperative that you have proper water filtration services. That’s where Picture Rocks Cooling Heating & Plumbing can step in to help. We work with whole-house water filtration systems in Tucson, AZ. We take care to install the best systems available. It’s why we recommend the Charger whole-home water filtration system. 

Although this is the system we like the most, we can work with any system you have.

Call us when you need comprehensive whole-house water filter services. We can perform water filtration system maintenance, installation, replacement, and repair. We’re a locally owned family business that keeps your comfort in mind.

Contact us for your water filtration system services in Tucson, AZ.

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Water Filtration System Installation

You should question the quality of the water in your home. Your drinking water quality can be affected by common contaminants in Tucson, AZ. If you want better water quality, we recommend the Charger whole-home water filter. This system is easy to use and easy on your home. It’s salt- and chemical-free, it doesn’t waste water or leave behind salt brine, and it’s certified to reduce chlorine by 97%. 

  • Enjoy healthier quality water at every tap in your house
  • Save money! No more spending on expensive bottled water
  • Better quality water means better cooking and superior-tasting food
  • Prevent skin irritation and other skin conditions—plus feel better when showering and bathing

Finding the right system is amazing, but the real work starts with your installation. Your installation job should begin with a call to our professionals. We’re detail-oriented. It’s why we make sure to take into account everything that could affect your home’s water before we install any model. We make sure the installation process itself is fast, too. These attributes are why we’re top-rated. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and Angie’s List. 

Water Filtration System Replacement

Eventually, your water filter is going to have to be replaced. Water filters have similar lifespans to most HVAC systems. You shouldn’t expect one of these filters to last longer than about 10–15 years. If you notice that you’re nearing this date, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan in place. This way, your replacement service can be as painless and seamless as possible.

We’re also here to help replace your unit if you suffer from a breakdown. Not everything can happen in a way that’s perfect. Sometimes, problems sneak up on you. Our staff works hard to take the brunt of that stress and burden off your shoulders. We’re here to help and we mean that. 

Water Filtration System Repair

Have you noticed that the quality of your water has declined? If you have a water filter in place and you’ve noticed that your water quality is poor, then you should contact us for repair services. Your water filter shouldn’t go through periods where it’s just ineffective. Don’t try to roll with the punches. You’ve got a problem and trying to wait it out could actually be nursing the issue and creating something bigger. 

Our team members take our expertise seriously. You can always count on comfort, honor, and integrity from our service providers. This is because all of our team members care about their work. Let us handle all your plumbing needs!

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