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Aeroseal Services in Tucson, AZ

Most of us want the same things in our home. We want a home that’s comfortable, efficient, and cost-effective. The secret to getting all of this in your home with ease is to start with proper duct sealing.

The ducts are the lifeline of a house. Did you know that a typical duct system loses 25–40% of the heating and cooling energy put out by the central AC or heater due to bad ductwork? You’ll also notice the strain this causes in high energy bills. Our recommendation to easily bypass all of this trouble starts with Aeroseal. We choose to use Aeroseal because it aligns with our high standard.

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What Is Aeroseal?

Aeroseal is a technology created by researchers at UC Berkeley. It was designed to improve indoor air quality, increase home comfort, and help homeowners save money on their monthly energy bills.

Aeroseal is able to achieve all this by keeping air from escaping ductwork. We know this might sound simple, but the science behind it is astonishing. Aeroseal uses tiny, non-toxic beads that seal tears created in the home in a matter of four to eight hours. This process can save a homeowner an average of $600 to $800 a year.

Benefits of Aeroseal

We touched on a few of the benefits of Aeroseal above, but let’s break down the benefits. A few of them include…

  • A Cleaner Environment: When your ductwork is properly sealed, there’s a reduced chance that dust, dirt, allergens, or other troubling contaminants will find their way into the ducts. This is the most important part of the process. Once bacteria and grime are inside this system, it’s hard to get them out without professional cleaning.
  • Humidity Balance: We live in a dry climate, but humidity can still be a problem for your home. Sealing your air ducts will ensure that the humidity is blocked and it can help reduce the chance that mold will grow inside your home.
  • Peace of Mind: Your ducts probably aren’t something you’re looking at every single day. If you want to be able to rest easy and know that your ductwork is completely sealed and free from harm, then we suggest Aeroseal.

Your ducts themselves are only half the battle. You should ensure that you have a great team to handle all your service needs in Tucson. Picture Rocks Cooling Heating & Plumbing can be that team because we’re responsible professionals who value our integrity.

How Does Aeroseal Work?

Professionals connect the Aeroseal technology to your HVAC system. From there, the water-based formula seals all the holes throughout the ducts and vents. The formula goes exactly where you need it to without wasting time or energy on the spots that don’t require coverage.

After this process is completed, your AC or heating system will run like new. Aeroseal will continue to reward you with savings throughout the year—and that’s the best benefit of all.

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