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Duct Testing in Tucson, AZ

Sometimes, customers are confronted with the fact that they just don’t know what’s going on with their ductwork. That’s okay! Duct testing is one of those duct services that’s specifically designed to be the first step that curious customers make in determining what needs to be done. Perhaps the next step is to have your ducts repaired, or maybe you need them sealed. Regardless, Picture Rocks Cooling Heating & Plumbing is the team to call for your duct needs.

Our team is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating on Angie’s List. Our technicians are licensed, insured, and they’re ready to deal with your duct issues today. Things simply go smoothly when you call our team of technicians for your next duct sealing job.

Contact Picture Rocks Cooling Heating & Plumbing for Tucson, AZ’s best technicians that can pinpoint the problem in your ducts.

Why Do You Need Duct Testing?

As we mentioned above, duct testing is just one step in a multi-step process that involves diagnosing the problems in your ducts and getting them fixed. We check things like air pressure, and contaminants, and can even use technology to locate the specific leaks that are causing your ducts to be less efficient.
Once your ductwork is tested, it becomes a lot easier to schedule the right job for them, like duct sealing or repair work. There’s no harm in starting off strong by contacting our team for an estimate right off the bat. Then, we’ll work with you to discover the problem and have it fixed as quickly as possible.

Why Are Duct Leaks a Problem?

Duct leaks in Tucson, AZ can be a big problem for homeowners. Up to 30% of heated air during the winter, or cooled air during the summer can be leaked through ductwork that’s faulty and broken. Gaps, tears, holes, and leaks are quite common in ductwork that’s aging.

Our team takes a comprehensive approach to your ductwork when we test it. Things like air pressure and air quality are good ways to determine if there’s a leak, and where it might be, so we can have it fixed. Without duct testing, it becomes harder to know the impact of your leaky ducts, and whether or not you should call for help.

Let Us Handle Your Duct Leaks

Our team started fully serving Tucson, AZ back in 2001 and we’ve come quite a long way. Air duct services don’t have to be complicated, but they need to be done by a professional and in a specific way that doesn’t damage them or cause contaminants to enter your breathable air. We want homeowners to trust that we can not only diagnose and fix the problem with our duct testing and sealing services, but that we’ll stay late to ensure your home doesn’t have any additional issues.

With DIY duct testing using a store-bought kit, or when trying to seal duct leaks yourself, you could damage or break a part of your ducts on accident. This is something that should be avoided at all costs and can run up the cost of a repair.

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