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Services in Tucson, AZ

When you live in Tucson, AZ, it pays to have a team of reliable and trustworthy professionals that you can turn to for your HVAC system and plumbing needs. Picture Rocks Cooling Heating & Plumbing is just that kind of team. We have been serving Tucson and the surrounding area since 2001 and are well-known for our honesty and our quality services.

We provide installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement services for your HVAC and Plumbing systems.

Choose Picture Rocks Cooling Heating & Plumbing for service based on integrity and quality. Contact us today.

Air Conditioning

When the thermostat records those summertime triple digits, it can be reassuring to know that your air conditioning system is going to be able to sustain them. If your unit is struggling to do its job despite having some repairs done, you may find yourself having to decide whether you should continue repairing or if you should replace. 
With help from our team of professionals, you can enjoy an air conditioner that runs effectively and efficiently. This summer, rather than sweating all season, contact our team to schedule an appointment with our COMFORT ADVISOR!


Yes, Tucson, AZ doesn’t experience the coldest of temperatures, but this doesn’t mean you should need to be without a working heater. Space heaters only go so far in keeping you comfortable and they come nowhere near the effectiveness or efficiency that will come from a heating system for your whole home.

Whether you are looking to install a furnace, or your heat pump needs some help to keep the house comfy, you can rely on Picture Rocks Cooling Heating & Plumbing. We’ve been providing honest and reliable heating services to Tucson, AZ for more than 15 years.

Indoor Air Quality

Your indoor air quality is a vital factor in your home comfort and personal health. From the dust in the air inside your home, to the level of moisture or lack thereof, if the air in your home isn’t where it needs to be, it can impact your comfort in a multitude of ways.
We can offer services for filters, purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and other indoor air quality systems that will help bring balance to your indoor environment. Contact our team to learn more about how you can improve indoor air quality


The pipes and drains in your home require upkeep just as much as your HVAC system does. Being without your plumbing systems will create a large amount of discomfort to say the least. That is why it is important to make sure that all the different parts of your home plumbing are maintained well.
We are the professionals that can get the job done. We guarantee effective plumbing solutions at a reasonable price and always with your comfort and safety in mind.


Customers, clients, and renters alike won’t enjoy it if your commercial space is uncomfortably hot and stuffy. They also won’t enjoy sticking around somewhere with a bad plumbing system. Your commercial systems are vital to your business in Tucson, AZ. That is why we are proud to provide service to commercial businesses around Tucson and the surrounding areas.
Keep your business comfortable and safe with our help. We are available to help with everything from maintenance to replacement of commercial HVAC and plumbing systems.

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