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Garbage Disposal Units in Tucson, AZ

Your garbage disposal unit is the backbone of your kitchen. Imagine cooking a meal and having to empty the trash every time you cook something a little more complex. It’s not ideal. That’s why having a great garbage disposal is such a valuable ally in your home.

Now, although garbage disposals are great, they’re only as good as the service they receive. If you think something has gone awry with your home’s garbage disposal, we suggest starting with a garbage disposal inspection. This is the basis for any home’s garbage disposal repair, replacement, or maintenance work. The key to having a great garbage disposal unit is remaining proactive. You need to ensure that you have work that’s timely and apt. The Picture Rocks Cooling Heating & Plumbing professionals make sure this is a reality for you in Tucson, AZ.

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Garbage Disposal Repair

Your garbage disposal is one of the most important parts of your kitchen. Have you recently noticed that your garbage disposal isn’t working the way you want it to? This means that it’s time for garbage disposal repair work. Watch out for grinding noises, foul odors wafting up from your sink, and debris you thought went down the drain pooling in your sink. These are all signs that your garbage disposal isn’t working.

We can help you with your home’s garbage disposal repair work. We make sure that the work is prompt and effective. We always offer the best solutions to our customers. You never have to worry about the quality of the work that you’re getting with our professionals.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

You should also maintain your home’s garbage disposal. Your home’s garbage disposal undergoes a lot of wear and tear throughout the year. It’s important that you avoid things like F.O.G. (fat, oil, and grease), pits, seeds, and other hard substances. If you slip up here and there, maintenance is here to help you through it.

Garbage disposal maintenance isn’t something that you want to skip out on. It will help you keep your garbage disposal in good condition for years to come, keep your water bills low, and help your home’s energy levels too. Maintenance is a worthwhile service to invest in. We have the best plan for your personal needs. Just make sure that you contact us about these services sooner than later.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Are you looking to install a brand new garbage disposal or maybe even replace your home’s garbage disposal system? We’re here to help you with this process. We find that homeowners dread both of these services because they’re time consuming and expensive. Your services don’t have to be either of these things when you come to the Picture Rocks Cooling Heating & Plumbing team. We know how to make your garbage disposal last. Get in touch with our professionals today. We’re going to help you. We perform all the work we do with honesty and integrity. We’re never going to hurt your home. We only want to provide you with the care you’re looking for. 

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