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How to Get Ready for Your AC Installation Appointment


What a great choice, getting a new air conditioner! The rest of the summer you’ll be living a life of luxury, reveling in the cool comfort of your home.

But wait! Before you can do that, you have to get that new air conditioner installed. Have you made the appointment? Good. But do you know what to expect?

Because getting a new air conditioner and having it installed isn’t an everyday occurrence, it can be reassuring to get some more info about what will be happening. Then you can take some steps to be extra-prepared, which will help your AC installation appointment to go as smoothly as possible.

What Happens During AC Installation

When your installers arrive, they’ll get the lay of the land so they know what they’re dealing with. They’ll clear space as necessary. The old units, both indoors and out, need to be disconnected and taken away. The new units need to be positioned and connected. 

Your installers will take a little time at this point to allow the system to run. This ensures that everything is working exactly as it should. They’ll explain the system to you, show you how to use it, answer any questions, and provide an owner’s manual. Then they’ll tidy up after themselves and say goodbye, and it’s all done!

How Long AC Installation Takes

Occasionally, major modifications are required in order to install a new air conditioner. If your home has never had central AC, or if your ducts are so badly damaged that they all need to be replaced, work will have to be done before the installation. Otherwise, everything should be done in no more than eight hours. It could be as little as four!

How to Prepare for AC Installation

How can you increase the odds of having a super-quick, streamlined AC installation? By taking a little time yourself beforehand to do some prep. If your installers have less to do when they arrive, they’ll get the job done quicker.

First, consider where the installers will be carrying and moving things. Which door should they use? Where will they park? Where’s the outdoor unit? Clear the path indoors and out for your installers to move large appliances easily.

Second, consider space to work in. Around the outdoor unit, rake up debris, trim plants or branches, or move things that are close to the unit. Around the indoor unit, clear plenty of elbow room, tidying clutter or knickknacks and moving furniture if necessary. This way, it will be easy for the installers to move around and get the job done.

Finally, consider your pets. They might be nervous and stressed out by the unexpected guests, or they might be curious and excitable. Either way, it’ll be safer for them and easier for your installers if they’re kept entirely out of the way during the installation process.

We hope you’re feeling ready to tackle this installation and thrilled about the new AC system you’ll be enjoying for the rest of the summer and years to come. But if you still have any questions about AC installation in Marana, AZ, we’re happy to answer them.

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