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AC Problems Your Pets Could Be Causing


Having pets can be great for your quality of life. If you have a dog, you’re likely to go for more walks and get more exercise and fresh air. And miraculously, the sound frequency at which cats purr can accelerate your body’s healing process! But not everything about having pets is exactly all fun and games, as anyone who’s ever wrestled a stressed pet to the vet or cleaned a litter box can tell you.

Your pets can cause a lot of mess and damage to your home. They don’t mean to cause harm! But if you’re not aware of the issues they can cause, the damage can get pretty bad before you realize it needs to be stopped. Did you know that pets can wreak havoc with your HVAC system? Here are a few AC problems your pets could be causing and how to prevent them.

Airflow Issues

Your air conditioner makes the air colder by absorbing heat and conducting it outdoors. Then that freshly-chilled air is distributed throughout your home, usually through a system of ductwork. In order for the air to get where it needs to go—out your vents and into your living space—there is a blower fan, which is powered by a motor. 

Even though, overall, your air conditioner has a cooling effect, the blower fan motor is just like any other motor: it creates a little bit of heat. It’s critical for the air to keep moving at a steady rate past the motor, or the heat will build up and the motor will burn out, possibly even getting so hot that the internal wiring of the motor gets fused together!

The threat your pets pose to your AC airflow is from all their fur and dander. The air conditioner has an air filter which usually needs to be changed monthly. With shedding pets in the home, though, it may need to be cleaned more often. A clogged filter prevents air from flowing, and if air gets forced around a blocked filter, the fur can get right into the system and cover the motor like insulation.

Nibbled Wires

Usually, adult pets won’t bother with electrical cords. But puppies and kittens have an insatiable need to chew things as their adult teeth come in, and other pets, like rabbits, have a lifelong chewing habit. Keep your air conditioner safe! Pet-proof or baby-proof cord covers can save you a huge hassle and protect your pet from electric shock.


Dogs love to patrol and mark their territory. And when they do, they might be visiting your air conditioner’s outdoor unit. Dog urine is extremely corrosive, and if your dog marks your air conditioner, it can cause serious rust damage. In fact, in big cities where many dogs mark the same spot, entire lamp posts have come crashing down because of that corrosion!

If your outdoor unit is in an area your dog can access, and you can’t eliminate that access entirely, a small fence around the unit will prevent this problem. It should be open to allow air circulation, and it should be at least three feet from the unit on all sides.

If you suspect you need help with any of these problems or anything else to do with your air conditioning in Oro Valley, AZ, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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