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How to Solve That Stinky Garbage Disposal Smell

You walk into your kitchen and there’s that distinctive unpleasant smell. You empty your trash consistently, keep your kitchen clean, and even light candles to offset the scent. We encounter many homeowners going through the same thing. The culprit is often the home’s garbage disposal. If you think that you might have this same issue, then it’s time to get in touch with our team members. 

We understand that everything involving your plumbing service in Red Rock, AZ isn’t always pleasant. Sometimes foul odors are involved and, when this is the case, our team members want to be by your side to solve the issues. Nothing is too big of a job for our team members.  

How to Solve Your Garbage Disposal Smell

Here are a few things you can do to solve your garbage disposal smell problem and help your garbage disposal in general. 

Professional Cleaning

We know that when your garbage disposal smells it can be tempting to skip a professional cleaning and try to solve the problem on your own. We always advise against this. Professional cleaning is the only way to solve the problems you’re experiencing once and for all. You might think it’s easier to handle the issues on your own, but we can assure you that investment in professional care is the wiser choice. Sometimes, an investment in the right service now will help you down the line. Our professionals are great because they’re sure to solve the problem you’re having once and for all. 

Always Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

Another word to the wise is to always avoid chemical drain cleaners. We know that when your sink is emptying a little slower than you’d like it to, or that unpleasant smell is beginning to waft up again, those chemical drain cleaner bottles will catch your eye in the aisle more than ever before. We understand that it’s tempting, but don’t do it. Chemical drain cleaners do work in many cases, but the problem is that they tend to work a little too well. They’re made of caustic chemicals that will eat away at the clog but also eat away at the drain itself. This is why we suggest professional work. It will keep your plumbing system intact while also solving the plumbing issue. 

Don’t DIY

The last piece of advice we want to leave you with is that it’s never a good idea to DIY. We understand how tempting it is because there are so many resources readily available to you concerning DIY work. You can search one simple phrase like “how to fix a stinky garbage disposal” on your search engine of choice and be met with countless articles and videos instructing you on how to solve this issue on your own. DIY work isn’t the best option because it’s not backed by experience or professional service. There are too many opportunities for things to go wrong. We can assure you that our services are impeccable and affordable. We encourage you to speak with one of us before you try to DIY. 

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