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3 AC Tips You Should Try This Summer

It is a known fact that good air conditioning adds a lot of comfort and makes for a pleasant atmosphere at home. Air conditioning in Tucson, AZ is a must, given the very high temperatures the city can reach during the summer months.

However, another important fact is that ACs consume a lot of power. Overusing the AC can take your utility bills through the roof and give you pain later.

In this blog, we look at three effective tips to help lower the cost of air conditioning for your home.

1. Keep the Temperature at 78°F, Instead of 64°F

In the city of Tucson, the average temperature during the day can creep up into the 90s. To make the room cooler, many users set the temperature really low, like 64°F.

For every degree that your AC cools the air, it consumes 5% to 6% more power. If you try to get a temperature of 64°F, your AC will consume 50% more energy than it would need to set the room temperature to 78°F.

Even at 78°F, your home will feel reasonably cool. Try testing it out and you will see a huge difference in power consumption.

2. Put Up Shades and Keep Heat Down

Your home gets hot in the summer due to sunlight. If you can reduce the sunlight entering your home, the less you will burden your AC.

If your room with the AC has large glass windows, you can cover them up with shades or curtains. Without sunlight to warm up the room, the AC will make it cooler much faster. You can also turn the AC off for a bit rather than leaving it on for hours.

Similarly, many appliances in your home produce a lot of heat. Your LED and computer, that lamp in the corner, and the oven in your kitchen all generate heat. Turn them off, or use them mindfully so that you don’t have to leave your AC on.

3. Turn the AC Off at Night

Generally, it gets cooler in the evening and you may not need to keep the AC running at night. You can use this to your advantage. Turn the AC off and open a window or two to allow a nice gentle breeze to flow through your home and make it cooler.

The exception here is when you have a particularly warm, sunny day. The air gets too hot and it isn’t ideal to open the windows even at night. In that case, keep the AC at 86°F in the evening and turn it off when you hit the bed.

Keep in mind that your body does not work at the same pace when you sleep as it does during the day. When you go to sleep, you do not need to cool it off, so you can turn the AC off when you sleep.  

Bonus Tip! 

Last but not the least, the best way to lower your power bill is to have your AC checked regularly for maintenance. If your AC undergoes frequent servicing, the filters will be cleaner, the coils will work properly, and it will cool the room faster. Picture Rocks Cooling Heating & Plumbing offers complete AC services that ensure your AC is working at optimum efficiency to lower your total electricity bills.

Contact Picture Rocks Cooling Heating & Plumbing for your AC care this summer.

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