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How’s Your Water Heater Doing?

It’s pretty cold here in Green Valley already. We want you to take a step back from focusing on your heating services and ask yourself: how is your water heating doing?

It’s important to address the issues that are going on in your home before your water heater problems have the chance to get severe. If you’re looking for a plumber in Green Valley, AZ, we can help you out. We have the best plumbers around. We’re local professionals too. A poorly performing water heater is going to hurt your home. We’re here to move you through this. You can get your water heater back on track with the help of our team members.

7 Signs of a Poorly Performing Water Heater

Here are the signs that your water heater is performing poorly. Call us when you need help with your water heater.

1. Uneven Water Temperatures

Have you noticed that your water is hot and cold throughout your home? Maybe your showerhead switches back and forth from providing you with a steady stream of hot water to water that’s absolutely freezing. Uneven water temperatures are a problem with your home’s water heater.

2. Odd Noises

Have you heard rumbling or popping sounds coming from your home’s water heater? This is the sound of the water heater struggling to perform. What you’re hearing is your water trying to move heated water through a layer of sediment. You need to address this.

3. Running Out of Hot Water

Are you constantly running out of hot water in your house? You need to get to the root of this issue. Hot water should be abundant in your home if you have a great water heater. Running out of hot water is a sign that you need more.

4. Water Discoloration

Have you noticed that your water is tinged a certain color? This is a bad sign. Your water should always be clear, clean, and drinkable. If not, then you need to get in touch with our team.

5. Leaking Water

If you’re dealing with constant leaks, you’re going to need to fix this problem. Yes, your water heater might leak every now and then, but if it leaks consistently, then you’re going to need to repair your home’s water heater.

6. Outward Signs of Corrosion

Take a look at your water heater—what does it look like? If you see outward signs of wear and tear or rust on the outside of water heater, then it means that your home’s water heater is wearing down. You’re going to notice the operational downfalls of this soon, so it’s a great idea to address this now.

7. Old Age

How old is your home’s water heater? If your water heater is over the age of 10 years, it might be time for you to get more than repair work—you might need to replace your water heater. We’re here to help you get the work you need. A replacement doesn’t have to be a hassle. We’re going to make it as easy as possible for you.

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