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Wondering What Caused Your Pipe to Burst?

We know that the last thing you want to run into during the winter is a pipe burst. It’s a mess that often blindsides you and leaves you with unexpected expenses. If you’ve experienced this type of disaster in the past and want to avoid it in the future, then we suggest doing a little research. The first question you should ask yourself is: What causes pipes to burst during winter?

The basic answer is freezing water. A frozen pipe is almost a surefire precursor to a burst pipe. The process is pretty straightforward and we can help you come to understand everything you should know below. We’re experts in plumbing in Vail, AZ and we can help you with your knowledge and services. Let’s get into the relevant topics below…

Tips to Prevent a Pipe Burst

You don’t just have to expect pipes to burst and then deal with it after. Instead, you can try these tips to prevent future pipe bursts. Here are a couple of the best ways to do so:

Be Mindful of Your Plumbing System

The first thing you want to do is become more mindful of your plumbing system. This just looks like you giving your plumbing system a couple of vital checks. Check to see if there are leaks anywhere. This includes peeking down underneath your sink to note if there are any slow leaks that you’ve missed. When you notice a leak, that means it’s time to schedule an appointment with our plumbers. We can help you figure out the source of the leak and solve it before it poses any other threats to your plumbing system.

Check High-Risk Areas

If you’ve experienced a pipe burst in the past, then you already know where one of your high-risk areas is. It exists where that pipe is. The other high-risk areas of your home are typically along the outside walls of your home, in the garage, or underneath the sinks. 

We suggest arming these pipes with a little insulation. Insulation is easy to get your hands on and it greatly decreases the likelihood of a frozen pipe. You can find great insulation at your local hardware store. If you’re ever in doubt about the type of insulation that your pipe needs, you can always refer to one of our professionals.

Keep Pipes Running on a Low Drip

Say that you have one problem pipe. If you know that your pipe is prone to freeze, then you should consider running a little water out of this pipe throughout the coldest parts of the day. We know this might sound a little crazy and the slightest bit wasteful. We can assure you that the money you’ll spend letting water drip from a pipe is less than waiting for a pipe to freeze and then working to fix it. You don’t have to let the pipe drip all day either. Instead, you just have to run it throughout the night.

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