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Why We Recommend Regular Duct Cleaning


Do you have ductwork in your home? You probably do. This system became common in the early 1970s, when new homes started to be built to accommodate central air conditioning. So if you do have ductwork, it could have been there for decades! Even if it’s much newer than that, it can be a little mysterious. What’s inside there? Most parts of our homes are accessible enough that we can clean them ourselves. But that’s not the case with ductwork. This job requires a professional.

What’s going on in your ductwork doesn’t have to be a mystery any longer! With regular duct cleaning, there’s no need to wonder or worry.


Air conditioners cause condensation. When warm, humid air touches the outsides of the coils full of icy-cold refrigerant, moisture is drawn out of the air to cling to the coils. This condensate is collected in a pan and drained away from your home. But the same process—air of different temperatures on either side of a barrier—can cause condensation to develop inside your ductwork. If there’s enough of it to pool and linger rather than simply evaporating, you’ve got perfect conditions for mold to grow.

You might be able to tell if you have a serious mold problem if you notice a mildew smell coming from your vents. But the smell isn’t the only result of the mold. Breathing it can have health consequences. And if there’s enough wetness for mold to grow, there’s a risk of water damage to your home as well. When you get duct cleaning in Tucson, AZ, your technician will inspect the ducts and determine what tools and techniques will be ideal for the type of ductwork you have and the cleaning concerns that they see.


This may seem like the complete opposite of the mold problem. Dust is dry. But you can have dust in some places and mold in others! What is that dust made of? Well, a surprising amount of household dust is actually dead skin cells. There are also dust mites, tiny insects which feast on those cells, as well as other insect parts, hair, bacteria, soil, and pollen. If you have damage to your ductwork, a torn area may be pulling dusty air in from around the duct, which could include insulation fibers.

None of this is stuff you want to be breathing. Some of them can be serious allergens for certain individuals. If a lot of dust has settled out of your air and to the bottoms of your ducts, it will be stirred up again and blown out your vents the next time the system kicks on. Yuck! But don’t worry. Help is at hand. With gentle brushes and equipment specifically designed to be safe for your ductwork, a technician can clear that dust away and help you and your family breathe fresher, healthier air.

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