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Drain Flies and Other Bad Drain Troubles


Have you noticed tiny flies around your sink or other drains? While they’re unpleasant—and it’s even worse to think about the eggs they’re surely laying—they don’t pose any serious health risks to humans. However, they can be a sign of serious problems with your drain and sewer plumbing, and those problems could lead to health hazards.

We’ve got you covered. Here are some simple drain fly removal tips and information about how to address the underlying plumbing issues that make your drains appeal to drain flies.

Short-Term Drain Fly Elimination

Drain flies live and reproduce in wet places with an accumulation of biological material, like sewer lines. The reason they’re enjoying your sink so much is that there is plenty of buildup that gives them a great place to lay their eggs. This can include everything from food waste residue in a kitchen sink to dead skin cells in your shower drain.

Start by scraping around the edges of your sink drain, clearing out any gunk you can. Make sure to dispose of it immediately as it likely contains eggs and larvae. Once the sink is clean, pour a pot of boiling water down the drain to deal with the biological material you can’t reach. Repeat this twice a day for a week.

Long-Term Drain Solutions

What you really need is to eliminate the buildup deeper within your plumbing. Don’t reach for a bottle of drain cleaner! Those caustic chemicals can do more harm than good, both to your health (as they can burn skin and irritate eyes and respiratory systems) and to your plumbing (because they corrode the pipes, leaving a rough surface that only encourages more buildup).

Instead, you need drain cleaning services for your plumbing in Tucson, AZ. A highly-trained, qualified professional plumber can eliminate buildup from your drains without any hazardous chemicals. Hydro jetting can blast away all residue with just pressurized water, leaving your drains so clean that drain flies won’t be interested.

Be Alert to Bigger Problems

Drain flies can also be a warning sign that big problems exist within your drain and sewer system. They’re especially likely to occur when a home has a blocked or broken sewer line or sewer gasses escaping into the home from a blocked vent. Here are some other indicators that you have a major problem that needs immediate attention.

  • Frequent drain clogs
  • Multiple drains clogging at the same time
  • Foul odors rising from the drains
  • Wet, smelly patches in your lawn
  • An area of lawn with unusually bright green grass

Prompt Plumbing Attention Prevents Disastrous Problems

If there is something seriously wrong with your sewer line or sewer vent, you could end up with the worst kind of plumbing problems imaginable. Sewage flooding your home or your family becoming dangerously ill from sewer gasses are very real possibilities. If you have any concerns about your drain and sewer plumbing, don’t take any risks! Get the help you need right away.

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