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How to Improve Your AC Service

The name of the game is efficiency when air conditioning season rolls around. Your air conditioner is one of the biggest areas where you expend energy in your home in general. This is especially true in a place like Arizona where we have long, hot, and dry summers. We understand why you’d want to improve your air conditioning service because of this.

The good thing is that you have plenty of options. Your air conditioning in Tucson, AZ can be as pristine as possible with the help of our professionals and a few small changes in your home. We’re going to start with providing you the details today. You can always contact one of our professionals for further assistance.

What You Can Do

Here are a few things you can try out to improve your AC service:

Be Mindful of Heat-Producing Appliances

There are many things you could be doing at home that actually make your home feel hotter. If it’s the middle of a hot summer day here in Tucson, it’s probably not the best time to fire up your oven, turn on all the lamps in your home, or toss a load of laundry in the dryer.

All of the appliances mentioned above produce heat. The longer you let these appliances run, the more they heat up your home. This results in your air conditioner working harder to cool the house. Do your AC unit a favor and keep your home as cool as possible during the height of the heat. It will help you stay cool and reduce your energy bills.

Increase Your Thermostat Setting

Sometimes, you get home from a hot day and you just want to crank your thermostat down to the lowest setting possible.

We encourage you not to get ahead of yourself in situations like this. We know it’s difficult to even have the desire to think too far ahead when you’re standing in a home that feels like an oven. Choosing a higher thermostat setting will benefit you though. Adjusting the temperature up about 5-7 degrees is a more energy-efficient practice and it’s more comfortable as well. After all, how long do you really want to sit in a home that’s 65 degrees even in the middle of summer?

Maintain Your Unit

Maintaining your air conditioner is worthwhile. An air conditioning professional can do the heavy lifting needed to make sure that your unit is clean, safe, and ready to run. Investing in maintenance on an annual basis allows you to save money, improve your comfort, and help your system last as long as possible.

Talk to us about our maintenance plan if you’re interested.

Using Fans to Your Advantage

If you’ve got ceiling fans at home, then this is the time of year to use them.

A lot of the time, we meet homeowners who think that ceiling fans and air conditioners are supposed to be used interchangeably. They actually work best together. The one thing you should know about your ceiling fan is that it just cools you. Don’t leave it running in an empty room. The feeling of cool air rushing over your body is what’s giving you the relief. Running a ceiling fan in an empty space is only a waste of energy.

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