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The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters


Deciding to convert your traditional water to a tankless option is a smart upgrade for any home. Not only do these units last longer, but they also use less energy and produce endless hot water. Even better, you’ll find the need for professional water heater service in Marana, AZ, is reduced significantly, and when it is needed, repair bills are lower. 

Are you still unsure if a tankless water heater is right for you? Keep reading to learn some of the main benefits it offers. 

Long-Term Cost and Energy Savings 

The biggest benefit of a tankless water heater is how energy efficient they are. Because of this, they can help you save money over time. 

Tank-style units use energy 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to maintain the needed temperature and ensure hot water is ready on demand. With a tankless unit, water is heated on demand rather than maintaining a large supply of water. 

Since water is only heated when it is needed, tankless units don’t experience issues like standby heat loss, which takes place when heat escapes the tank, and the water has to be reheated again and again. 

When you turn on a faucet in your home, cold water moves through the tankless unit and is heated by electric coils or a gas-fired burner. After being heated (which happens within a few seconds), the hot water moves through the pipes and out of your faucet. 

Longer Lifespan

The average lifespan of a tankless water heater is five to ten years longer than traditional tank units. When the unit is maintained properly, the tankless unit can provide you with up to two decades of lasting use.  

Reduced Risk of Leaks and Water Damage 

A huge risk related to tank-style heaters is that as time passes, minerals from hard water will build up inside the tank. This can cause corrosion, and eventually, leaks will develop. Because tankless units don’t have a tank, there’s no risk of a leak or flooding. 

This doesn’t mean that these units won’t have any problems. For example, they could leak, but if a leak occurs, it will not flood your home or basement as a traditional tank unit would. This also means there’s no serious risk of significant water damage in your home. 

Save Space 

The traditional tank will hold between 40 and 60 gallons of water and will typically measure around 60 inches tall and around 24 inches wide. Because tankless water heaters are so much smaller, they don’t take up as much space in your home. The standard size of tankless units is 28 inches tall, 20 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. 

Is a Tankless Water Heater Right for Your Home?

As you can see, there are more than a few reasons to install a tankless water heater. If you are ready to get one for your home, be sure to call the professionals. 

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