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Uncommon Air Conditioner Repairs You May Run Into


AC technicians run into all kinds of air conditioner repairs all the time, some, over and over again. Frozen evaporator coils on the indoor unit, dirty condenser coils on the outdoor unit, air filters clogged with dust, damaged coils leaking refrigerant, and broken fans are things we see every day. However, sometimes we encounter an unusual problem.

Here are four less-common reasons air conditioners need repairs. Not only are they interesting, they’re also worth knowing about in case they happen to you.

1: Sinking

How can an air conditioner sink? Well, the outdoor unit sits on the ground on a pad of concrete. Over a period of years, it’s possible for the ground underneath that concrete to settle, allowing the air conditioner to slowly sink lower and lower. It’s important to address, because you don’t want your outdoor unit’s connections to the indoor unit to be compromised as it moves.

If it’s only settled a little, it might be able to be shored up by packing sand underneath it, filling the space and making the ground denser. If the settling has caused it to move significantly, the concrete pad can be replaced so that the outdoor AC unit is back in its proper position.

2: A Broken Reversing Valve

This is something that happens occasionally with heat pumps, which are systems that can change over from heating in the winter to cooling in the summer with the simple flip of a switch. If you try to make that switch as the seasons transition and find that you’re not getting air of the right temperature, you might wonder whether there’s something wrong with your thermostat.

But it could also be that the reversing valve, which changes the direction of the flow of refrigerant in order to allow it to either pull heat in or push heat out, has broken. Luckily, this component is replaceable, and the rest of the heat pump system is likely to be fine.

3: Air Handler Issues

In a ductless system, there are air handlers mounted on the walls of the home which conduct the heated or conditioned air to where it’s needed. While there are rarely problems with the air handlers themselves, on occasion, they can peel away from the wall where they are positioned. This can be the result of improper installation, but environmental factors like humidity can also cause it. Now, high humidity is not usually a concern in Arizona, but that moisture could be coming from a leak in the condensation line which is meant to carry the moisture away from the home.

4: Infestation

As we mentioned, dirty condensing coils on the outdoor unit are a common problem. This makes it so the heat cannot be released efficiently, and the air conditioner won’t be able to cool your home effectively. So our technicians are quite accustomed to finding dirt and debris on the outdoor portion of an AC unit. Sometimes, though, they get a bit of a surprise: insects, rodents, or even snakes making their home in your air conditioner! 

If you need AC repair in Tucson, you’ve probably got one of the more common problems that we see every day. But even if your situation is a little unusual, rest assured, you’re not alone, and we can help you out.

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