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Is It Ever Too Late for a Tune-Up?

We know what you’re thinking … an air conditioning tune-up … in August? It’s not as crazy as you might think!

If you know anything about air conditioning tune-ups, then you know that it’s the necessary first step before you fire up your air conditioner for the summer. You also know that the ideal time to schedule an appointment for this in the late spring or even early summer. Because of this, you might think that it’s too late to schedule an appointment for your air conditioning tune-up in August.

We’d never lie to you—it is a little late to call, but it’s never too late. Air conditioning maintenance is one of those “better late than never” services. If you’re looking for an air conditioning tune-up in Casa Adobes, AZ, make sure you call us today.

Why Maintenance Counts

Maintenance really does count. We know that we said a lot about this in the intro, but there are many concrete details that you might feel like you’re missing out on. Maintenance counts in your home because it’s going to keep your air conditioner in amazing shape. Here are a few reasons why you should still call for maintenance today.

It Lowers Your AC Bills

You want to keep your air conditioning bills low, right? The best way to do this is through maintenance. Maintenance is a proactive way for you to keep your air conditioning bills at a reasonable level. If you want great air conditioning service, you’re going to need to maintain your air conditioner on a regular basis. An efficient system is a cost-effective system.

It Helps Your AC Last

If you know about air conditioners, then you know that they’re supposed to last you around 10–15 years. While this is the expected lifespan, your air conditioner isn’t going to be able to make it this long without a responsible owner. Maintenance ensures that your air conditioner reaches its full potential.

It Keeps Your AC Healthy

If there’s one thing you need to know about air conditioning, it’s that a healthy air conditioning system is an effective air conditioning system. A healthy air conditioning system is going to provide you with the best comfort possible. This is why maintenance is such an essential service. It takes the hassle out of cooling.

You can schedule an appointment with us to learn more about maintenance in your home today. Call us!

Our Maintenance Plan

Are you ready to take your air conditioning services a step further? You might want to enroll in our maintenance plan. Our maintenance plan includes the following:

  • A bi-annual maintenance tune-up (one for your heater and one for your air conditioner)
  • An affordable plan
  • Helpful reminders (we’ll call you and remind you to schedule!)

We know it’s a challenge to stay cool in Arizona. We’re going to do absolutely everything we can to help you though! Call today.

Contact Picture Rocks Cooling Heating & Cooling Plumbing today to schedule an appointment for your air conditioning tune up.

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