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AC Repair vs. Full Replacement: Everything You Need to Know


It’s about to get hot again, folks. How’s your air conditioner doing? Is it ready for another long season of hard work keeping your house cool? Or has it been having a rough time? Will it need significant repairs before you can count on it to work?

When an air conditioner has major problems, should it be repaired or replaced? We’ve got some tips for you to help make that decision.

Reasons to Consider Repair

  • Age: Air conditioners, provided they’re maintained annually, generally work well for ten or sometimes fifteen years. If your air conditioner is much newer than that, even an expensive repair could be a good investment, because you’ll likely get many more years cooling from it.
  • Frequency: If your air conditioner has been reliable and effective, and only now is requiring work, chances are, AC repair in Marana, AZ is your best choice.
  • Cost: If the repair won’t cost very much, even an air conditioner approaching old age might be worth repairing. Spending a small amount now to have cooling for the whole summer could be the best choice, even if you need to replace the AC unit next year.

Reasons to Consider Replacement

  • Age: If your air conditioner is already more than ten years old, you should keep in mind that no matter how much you invest in it now, it won’t last many more years.
  • Frequency: If your air conditioner has needed frequent repairs—and we would define frequent as more than once per summer—you should understand that repairing it now will probably still leave you with an AC unit that needs repair again soon.
  • Cost: If the repair that your air conditioner needs would be very expensive, it’s time to carefully consider the other factors. Costly repairs on an elderly AC unit that has been unreliable or required frequent repairs would likely be a waste of money.

The 5,000 Rule of AC Replacement

Here’s a little calculation that might help you make your choice. Multiply the age of the air conditioner by the cost of the repair that it requires. If your answer is more than five thousand, replacement would make more financial sense than investing in the repair. Here’s an example: a two-year-old air conditioner requiring a $1,000 repair is worth repairing, because the answer is $2,000. A twelve-year-old air conditioner requiring a $500 repair should be replaced instead, because the answer is $6,000. 

The Professional Touch

A qualified AC technician can help you to determine what the cost of the necessary repairs would be, and what condition your air conditioner would likely be in after the repairs, to aid you in your decision-making. And if you determine that replacement is the best bet, it’s also essential to have a professional install your new air conditioner. Many potential problems, such as damage to the unit, inefficient operation, frequent repair needs, and voided warranty agreements can be avoided when you choose professional AC installation rather than DIY or amateur installation.

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