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How Can You Tell You Need Detection for Hidden Leaks When the Leaks Are … Hidden?


Some plumbing leaks are obvious. Water is spreading, pooling, dripping, or even spraying in areas where you can clearly see it. But sometimes, plumbing has a sneaky leak. With pipes running under floors and inside walls, how can you tell if a leak is happening?

Our leak detection specialists are amazing at finding the source of a leak in order to repair it. But first, you need to know it’s time to call them in. How can you determine whether you’ve got a plumbing leak in a sneaky spot? We’ve got a list of signs for you to watch out for.

Rising Water Bills

If your municipal water rates have stayed the same, and you haven’t recently filled a swimming pool, you shouldn’t see any spikes in your bill. Even before the bill arrives, if you spot any of the other signs on this list, check your water meter to see if your usage is increasing.

Increased Water Heater Usage

Many plumbing leaks occur in hot water lines. This can cause your water heater to run much more of the time, or to come on when you haven’t been using hot water or running appliances (like the dishwasher or washing machine) which use hot water. 

This means that you’re not just wasting water, you’re wasting energy by heating more and more water. The cost can get outrageous, not to mention the potential cost of remediating water damage. You need leak detection in Tucson right away.

Unexpected Warmth

Before you spot any moisture, if your leak is in a hot water pipe, you might be able to feel warmth in the general area near where the leak is occurring. Warm spots on walls or floors can be another indicator of a sneaky leak.

Subtle Stains

If you’re wondering about a stain on your wall or ceiling, get help from a qualified plumber before it gets any worse! You definitely don’t want the sheetrock to swell, sag, and crumple, or to have structural elements behind the wall or under the floor to be affected.

Muggy Air

The water leaking from your plumbing will soak into anything it reaches, yes. But it will also evaporate into the air. This means your home’s humidity may increase, making the air feel heavy or muggy. An unexplained increase in humidity is a warning that excess moisture in your home may be coming from a plumbing leak.


Do you know what loves that humidity and likes nothing more than to be in a damp, humid environment? Mold! Whether it grows on moist surfaces near the leak itself or just in various corners of your home thanks to the increased humidity, mold is unhealthy to breathe and, if it spreads, very hard to clean up. You might notice the mildew smell before you spot the mold itself.

Foundation Cracks

There are parts of your plumbing system running underneath your slab foundation or basement. If those develop leaks, they can cause the concrete to crack. While some cracking over many years is normal, any new or major cracks are serious warning signs.

Whether you’re noticing mold, humidity, stains, warm spots, surprising behavior from your water heater, or increases in your water or energy usage, you don’t want to delay getting the repairs you need. Our expert plumbers use high-tech leak detection equipment to pinpoint the problem without damaging your home. Get the help you need right away!

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