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4 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair Immediately


We always strongly urge folks to address all furnace problems as promptly as possible. Too often, when people ignore an issue that starts out small, it develops into something major that requires extensive repair. But in some cases, a furnace problem is already serious and needs immediate repair. Here are the most urgent situations that could occur with your furnace.

1: A Gas Leak

Natural gas, by itself, has no odor. In order to protect consumers, a chemical called mercaptan is added. It gives natural gas a strong, eggy, sulfurous smell. If you notice this smell, do not delay. Quickly turn off the furnace or the gas supply line if you can do so, and then evacuate your home. Call for help from a distance away. 

Your natural gas provider should have an emergency line, but don’t hesitate to call 911 if you can’t immediately get through to someone there. Breathing the gas is a health hazard on its own, but the real risk here is fire or explosion.

2: Electrical Hazards

Clicking and buzzing can indicate issues with electrical wiring, so if your furnace makes these sounds, you should be on high alert. And if you smell a hot, plasticky, chemical, or fishy smell, there could be an electrical fire. Don’t forget that this is a risk with gas furnaces as well, because they do have electrical components. Turn off the furnace and get furnace repair in Marana, AZ right away.

3: A Cracked Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is the component that contains the hot combustion gasses. Air flows around the outside of it to get heated up. But if the heat exchanger has a crack, the combustion gasses can leak out, allowing carbon monoxide to mingle with the warm air that will be flowing out your vents. 

Signs of a cracked heat exchanger include clicking at the end of a heating cycle as it cools down, soot or moisture accumulating in the furnace cabinet, unusual odors, a flickering flame or flame any color other than blue, or visible corrosion. If you spot any of these, get repairs immediately. And always make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working and has good batteries.

4: Total Heating Failure

While winters in our area aren’t as extreme as they are in some parts of the US, we do have overnight hard freezes, and it’s not safe to go without heat during those coldest nights. Not only is it risky to your health, especially if there are small children or elderly people in your home, but your pipes can freeze and burst, causing an even worse problem! If your furnace won’t work at all, get the help you need.

We’re always ready to help with any furnace problem you may encounter. Whether you’ve got a simple question about changing an air filter, you want to schedule routine maintenance, or you’re worried about an urgent heating problem, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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